Be Present. Believe.
Lyn-Genet, Director of Nutrition, opened the Neighborhood Holistic in 2007 and since then

has helped thousands of clients with long term positive changes in their health,weight and
vitality. Our focus is on creating internal harmony using the precepts of The Plan, an
anti-inflammatory diet and finding a fitness and wellness regimen that best suits your
lifestyle and goal. The Plan reduces chronic low grade inflammation which is the basis for
premature aging,disease and weight gain.

You can choose a plan that fits your needs and budget, we offer 20 day and 30 day plans with
Lyn-Genet or an associate.

Dr. Katie Reinholtz developed a strong interest in Natural Medicine as an undergraduate  student studying Psychology and Chemistry at Virginia Tech. She went on  to attend Naturopathic Medical school at the National College of Natural  Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Her interests and training include  women's health, holistic endocrinology, herbal medicine, and nutrition.  She is passionate about providing good integrative healthcare and looks  forward to helping clients discover food as medicine as an associate at  The Plan!

Our staff members have been featured in More Magazine, Elle, Glamour, Crain's NY, Time Out, Hallmark Magazine, NY1 & AM NY.

To book an appointment or receive more information please call 646.330.4769 or e-mail Maggie Converse